Smart Farm Village Project

in Sierra Leone


  • The Sierra Leone Smart Farm Village is a sustainable and replicable Village, at low footprint, autonomous for food supply, energy and water use
  • It is an agro-industrial self-sufficient local economy specialized in rice and vegetable production used to nourish the local population and for export
  • Interactions among village households in factor and commodity markets create local income linkages and feedbacks across sectors of the local economy generating a virtuous circle fostering sustainable economic and social growth
  • The village sustainable development model preserves the local environmental assets for future generations while producing and consuming local products, such as rice, fish and wood from the village public forest and tree nursery
    • Both food and construction activities are at 0-km
  • The village is a peaceful society because based on the respect of traditional social norms and the “just” distribution of tenure rights to families
  • It is an healthy environment because designed to be an hygienically safe site also thanks to the construction with local materials of a modern health center and a sustainable sewage system
  • The village is smart because well-educated local people use advanced environmentally compatible technologies, construction techniques (ICT,straw housing, screw foundations, etc.), and complete recyclying of organic and inorganic material.